If you are interested in having your child baptised at Holy Trinity (or being baptised yourself!) we would ask that you attend church for a few months and make yourself known to the Vicar. After this time, if you think Holy Trinity is the place where you would like to make your spiritual home then please attend one of our monthly Baptism Evenings at 8pm at the Vicarage. These are informal evenings exploring the meaning and significance of Baptism (also called Christening) and covering the practicalities. We ask that both parents attend these evenings, as both are involved in the decision to baptise their child.  To register your interest in attending please complete a Baptism evening interest form here.

We expect those who are being baptised, or who are bringing children for baptism, to be practising Christians who are able to make the promises in the baptism service. For those who feel unable to make these promises, a service of thanksgiving for the birth of a child is available.
Baptisms and thanksgivings take place during our special Baptism Service at 11:45am on the third Sunday of the month.


Baptism is the Sacrament (an “outward sign of an inward reality”) by which adults and children and wrapped up into the family of the Christian Church and we are absolutely delighted that you have chosen to do this at Holy Trinity church. We really look forward to welcoming you, and your family and friends, to the service.

We are often asked about the fee for Baptism. Quite rightly there is no set fee – as this would undermine the universal welcome of Christ to both poor and rich. However there has arisen a tradition of giving a donation to the church when baptising your children as you are able. For baptism we don’t have a “price list” but rely on the generosity of the baptism family. The amount that you choose to give is welcomed. To put a donation into context you might find the following of use:
£25 will pay for church flowers for 4 days
£50 will help us pay our way to the diocese central fund for a ¼ of a day
£100 will enable us to have the lightning conductor on the church tested
£250 will pay our gas and electricity bill for 10 days

Whatever you do, we thank you.


You will first need to attend a baptism evening, held monthly at 8pm at the Vicarage next to Holy Trinity Church (1 Vicarage Road, Twickenham). Please email for upcoming dates.

After you attend the evening, if you decide you would like to proceed with the Baptism, we would ask you to fill out a Baptism (or Thanksgiving) Application form below: