Moving Forward

With the government restrictions being lifted on 19 July , the PCC met to discuss how we will move forward as a church with caution.

As of Sunday 25th July, the following will apply within the church building:

  • Track and trace – we will keep the QR code posters on the wall near the door and on the welcome table for you to use if you wish. A paper version is also available for those without Smart phones. There will be a welcomer at the door offering a warm welcome and counting the numbers coming in.
  • Hygiene – please continue to use the hand sanitiser that we have made available. We will continue to leave the doors open during the service.
  • Social distancing – we are leaving the social distancing stickers on the pews for the moment. Please observe social distancing unless we advise you otherwise.
  • Lady Chapel – this is reserved for people who want to observe strict social distancing.
  • Masks – we are encouraging you to continue wearing a face mask.
  • Order of service – this will continue in the current format and there will be no pew Bibles for the moment.
  • The Peace – it will be a socially distanced Peace.
  • Singing – alleluia, we can sing again
  • Communion – we are still receiving communion in one kind of bread only.
  • Tea and coffee – we will continue to use disposable cups and ask you to drink your beverage outside.

The above points will be constantly reviewed and adapted accordingly. As ever, if you feel unwell or have been told to self-isolate, please refrain from attending services. If you have any concerns or questions or anything we can do to support you to join us in the church building on a Sunday morning, please do speak to any member of the PCC or myself.

With Prayers and Blessings to you all

Revd Cara Kear